Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alla Turca SAL completed!

I have finished the last part on the Alla Turca SAL by Pelin Tezer! It was stitched on 32ct Silkweaver's Aquamarine linen with Weeks Peacock and RG gold Sparkle braid. I adjusted pt.9 slightly, and added the gold to the monocrome pattern just for fun. It is stitched over one and is only 9 inches tall!

This took a little longer than I thought because we were away on vacation, then returned to a re-decorating project....painted our home office a lovely sapphire blue and with the help of our brother-in-law, we ripped out old carpet and laid new hardwood laminate flooring...I love it!
(just before vacation we also replaced all the toilets with new low-water use ones, in preparation for the next project...DD is getting her bathroom redone, same blue, with tangerine trim!)
Over Christmas the master br will get it's makeover as a few more years the whole house will be made over. I hope!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cheetah Biscornu

This is my August biscornu....from the Cross Stitch Happy blog, and called the Cheetah Biscornu. I matched the colors to the cat face buttons I had, and stitched it on heatherfield aida. Turned out nice, and it's fairly large.

I'm now working on finishing up the Alla Turca SAL, and then will get back to Castles in the Air!
More to come......

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July Recap, August Goals

July Recap

~Holland Landscapes, Pt.7 Done!
~Alla Turca, Pt.7 Done!
~Castles in the Air, Pt.4 Started...
New Starts...
~Biscornu for July...Summer Butterfly Biscornu by Alexandrina Done!
~Something for Christmas in July...1991 Schooler Santa Done!
~Whatever strikes my fancy!
a Bluebird stitched on vinyl weave for a soap dispenser! Done!
(found while stash-diving!)

August Goals

~Castles in the Air, Pt. 4 Working...nearly done but for a 2nd peacock!
~Alla Turca, Pts. 8 & 9 all Done!
~Holland Landscapes, Pt.8 Ran out of time!
New Starts...
~Biscornu for August Done!
~Halloween project Postponed a month...
(and who knows what else?)

*We did get our home office painted, and new hardwood laminate laid at least!