Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!

Here in Durham we got about 5 inches of snow and sleet, and it's currently 21 degrees F! My DD Kira and our collie Lad were out playing this morning! Last time we got this much was 2002! I'm gonna stay inside, watch Duke play b'ball this afternoon and the Carolina Hurricanes against the Blackhawks tonight and stitch the day away! It sure is hockey weather!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First finish of 2010!

Well, it took me nearly two weeks to finish this (due to some health issues that took me by surprise) but here is my first stitching completion for 2010! This is Just Nan's Christmas Biscornu, c2007. Pictures show boths sides before assembly, then the top (trees) side, and the bottom (snowflakes) side. I used 28ct opalescent natural cashel and DMC, along with the beads and embellishments that came with the leaflet. I love how sparkly it is on the opalescent linen!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn Loon called to me....

I started a new rotation last fall and hope to work on all my WiPs at least once this year, and return my UFOs to WiP status. This month I returned to this Marilyn Boyle design from Kustom Krafts called Breaking Dawn that I started exactly 2 years ago today! It didn't see any action for two years, but it called to me, and I made great progress this past week, starting last Thursday evening and finishing the full page today. This chart has 4 full pages and 8 half pages. This is full page 7 of the 12. The fabric is 32ct Silkweaver's Polished Brass opalescent, and it is one over one. I wanted it small!
The left pic is from two years ago and the other is from today. The true fabric color shows better in the first picture. Quite a bit of the left side of the pattern is left unstitched. It called for yellow meran 28ct, but I wanted to use a sparkly fabric, and had the Polished Brass in my stash.

I'm still debating which WiP to pull out next....the dragon afghan from last month is so close to being finished, but I need to return to Castles in the Air as well....then there is the name tree, and another biscornu calling me....not sure what I'll do next, but watch this space!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow

My first start for the new year is Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings. I am a center starter, so this is block 5 of 12. I plan on stitching one block a month in 2010 along with a SAL group. I am (rather insanely) stitching it on cream 40ct silk gauze, over 1, with DMC. Each block is less than 2.5 inches square! I have had to make a few adjustments to the pattern so it will work on the gauze, like using full cross stitches on the lettering, instead of the usual half crosses of petit point. A few more minor adjustments too. This will be an interesting experiment! If anyone is interested in joining us visit here!

Monday, January 4, 2010

December Recap, January Goals!

December Recap
~Dragon Feathers Afghan UFO Working...4 blocks done in December! (4 to go)
New Starts...
~Lynne Biscornu Done!
More ornies!
~Winter Whitetail, JCS'03-Something in Common Done!
~Yo Ho Ho Ho Santat Pirate, Sue Hillis Done!
~Topiary Wreath, Mary Englebreit Done!
~Christmas Wreath, Mary Englebreit Done!

Prep for Christmas at HRH start on 01/01/10!! Ready!

January Goals
~Castles in the Air, Pt. 6 Done 1/30/10!
~Dragon Feathers Afghan Delayed...
~Breaking Dawn UFO Resumed 01/07/10, p.7 done
New Starts....
~Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow (one block/month all year) Started 01/01/10! 1st block done
~Alexa Name Tree (for a new baby cousin in the family) Started 1/31/10
~Just Nan Christmas Biscornu Started 1/13/10...Done!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wrapping up 2009...ornies, a dragon and more!

Just a couple of days late on wrapping up my 2009 stitching year! First, I stitched a couple of Mary Englebreit mini kits that Santa brought....Topiary Wreath and Christmas Wreath... on Dec. 30th and 31st.

Then, a progress report on my Dragon Feathers Afghan (rescued from UFO status in December)
I only have four more blocks to go!

Finally, a recap of the year in stitching! 40 total finishes, 2 being former UFOs!

2009 Stitching (reverse order)

~Christmas Wreath, Mary Englebreit Dec.30
~Topiary Wreath, Mary Englebreit Dec.31
~Yo Ho Ho Ho, Sue Hillis Dec.22
~Winter Whitetail, Something In Common Dec.19
~Lynne Biscornu, Maria del Valle Dec.4
~Pumpkins, Little House Needleworks Nov.29
~A Christmas Partridge, Serendipity Nov.27
~17th Cent. Italian Garden, LizT.Diehl Nov.25
~Fabulous Fall Biscornu, Cats Whiskers Nov.4
~Owl Biscornu, Stitch Creations Oct.31
~Coffee Crossword, Primrose Needleworks Oct.28
~Midnight Magic, Mill Hill Oct.10
~2009 Schooler Santa, Prairie Schooler Oct.5
~Boo Club, Lizzie Kate Sept.27
~Floral Biscornu, Alice Okon Sept.9
~Alla Turca, Pelin Tezer Aug.22
~Cheetah Biscornu, Cross Stitch Happy Aug.11
~Bluebird Soap Dispenser, Cathy Livingston Jul.15
~1991 Schooler Santa, Prairie Schooler Jul.11
~Summer Butterfly Biscornu, Alexandrina Jul.3
~Kitty Frame, San-Man Orig. Jun.19
~Going Bananas, San-Man Orig. Jun.18
~Assisi Kiwi, CraftsWeb NZ (gift) Jun.15
~Beaded Roses Biscornu, Just Nan Jun.6
~Frog Biscornu, Casey Buonaugurio May 19
~Butterfly Motif, My Aunt's Attic (gift) Apr.29
~Pansy Biscornu, Dinky-Dyes Apr.15
~Peacock Heart, Gift of Stitching Apr.12
~Peacock, Papillon Creations Apr.1
~Roberta's Cats Fob, Cross Stitch Happy Mar.27
~Growth Rings, Ink Circles Mar.25
~Ohio Heart, Victoria Sampler Feb.25
~XS Cat, Margaret Sherry Feb.21
~Blue Bayou, Northern Pine Designs Feb.10
~Garden Biscornu, Kissy-Cross Feb.4
~Cherry Blossom Biscornu, Sweetheart Tree Jan.22
~Dream Tree, M Designs Jan.16
~Memory Wall Quilt (gift) Jan.16
~Floral Motif, My Aunt's Attic (gift) Jan.11
~Winter Bird Delight, Praiseworthy Stitches Jan.7

Best wished for a very Happy New Year to everyone in 2010!