Friday, February 1, 2013

Catching up on 2012

Back home from our trip to New Zealand and I have a lot of catching up to do, including here on my blog! Today I want to catch up on last years stitching finishes, and soon I'll post about my trip, with some awesome pictures!

The last stitchy thing I posted was my own Color Wheel Biscornu, so I'll pick it up from there!
I finished what I hope to be my first REAL PUBLISHED FOR SALE pattern, called Recycle It! No picture because I want it to be a surprise once I am ready to publish it. You will all have to wait on that one!

About that time I decided to go to the 2012 Shepherd's Bush Retreat with my friend Carolyn, and lucky us....Jill Rensel, framer extraordinaire  is located only a few blocks away from the Shepherd's Bush store! I have been saving up some finished projects to have her frame. I no longer have a real local needlework framer, the next closest is 3 hours away in the Charlotte area! At any rate, I had two Workbasket designs stitched, Flutterbys, and God's Critters (see below), and finally got out the third from the series, Trellis and stitched it up in July. I made a couple of minor changes to shorten it a bit because it is one inch taller than it's companion (God's Critters) and I wanted them to match. I left off a couple of strawberries at the bottom and moved up the hedgehog and it was then the same dimensions!  It stitched up fast!

                                                                      God's Critters


They will have matching frames and be hung as a group with Flutterbys in the middle. It is on a piece of Crossed Wing's Sky linen, and the other two are on Silkweaver's Dreamin' evenweave.

I stitched another freebie biscornu next, and will post it and the pattern link in a few days. Next thing to call to me was Here Kitty Kitty, by Country Cottage. Stitched on a piece of Silkweaver Solo with called for threads. Another fun and quick stitch.  I will finish my catch-up in another post or two.