Just Nan Design List

Have the ones in black, blue=on order, red=do not have, pink=want badly!

3 Santas
3 Violets Humbug
4 Wishes
8 Point Star Garden
12 Days of Christmas WhimZi
20 Flowers Exclusive kit
A Breath of Spring
A Lady's Heart
A Little Joy-JCS Ornament Issue 2002
A Summer's Day
Abigail Bear-Shenanigans
All Aboard Zoo Ark-Small Delights
Amethyst Snowflake, Original
Amethyst Snowflake, Revised 
Among the Roses 1997
And Many More Needlecase-Silver Needle Exclusive kit
Angel Flowers Class Project Series Ltd.Ed
Angel Melody Ltd.Ed. WhimZi 2005
Angel Stocking
Angel Tapestry
Angelique Angel
Annabelle Bunny
Anniversary Biscornu
Another Girls Night Out
Ariel Angel
Autumn Glory Humbug 
Autumn Haze
Autumn in the Country-Lettered Border Series III
Autumn in the Square
Autumn Spell-Ltd. Ed. WhimZi
Autumn Typography
Baby Celebration
Baby Garden
Barnabee in Bloom-Ltd.Ed. Ornament
Barnabee's Bride
Barnabee's Quest-Part I
Barnabee's Quest-Part II
Barnabee's Quest-Part III
Batty Hatty and Boo
Batty Boris
Batty Jacks-Sept/Oct 2008 JCS
Be Merry-Small Delights series
Be My Valentine
Be Scary (have emb.)
Beach Roses
Beaded Rose 2004 Nashville Market special
Beau Bumble Bear
Bee Blossoms Class Series Ltd.ed.kit
Bee Hive Violets
Bellemeade Sampler w/Needlebook
Big Bee, Little Bee
Bird Cage, Exclusive to Silver Needle
Birthday Roses
Black Magic
Bliss-15th Anniversary Ltd.Ed. 
Blitzen Glistens!
Blossom Bunny-Shenanigans
Blueberry Hill
Bluebird Alphabet
Bonnie Bear-Shenanigans
Boo Tin and Needle book Ltd.Ed.
Bunny Shower
Burgundy Bouquet Stocking
Butterfly Bouquet 2002
Butterfly Lace 1999 
Butterfly Needle Book Ltd.Ed. Kit 
Butterfly Rose
Butterfly Welcome, Ornamental Treasures VIII
Butterflies, Blossoms and Bees Class series
Calico Kate Cat
Candy Cane Snowflake and frame
Cardinal Tweet
Catnip Tea
Celeste Angel
Celestial Collaborations-Stars in Bloom 2001
Charlotte Bear-Shenanigans
Charm Garden with 6 beads
Charming House of Lindy Mouse
Cherish Angel
Cherub Garden WhimZi
Christmas Biscornu
Christmas Cheer Ornament w/frame
Christmas Elegance (have emb.)
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve WhimZi
Christmas Friends
Christmas Hearts
Christmas is Coming Ltd.Ed. WhimZi 2005
Christmas Jewel
Christmas Keepsake Frame
Christmas Memories
Christmas Peace
Christmas Ribbons
Christmas Rose Ornament
Christmas Secret
Christmas Sheep Ornament Pocket
Christmas Soldiers Stocking (have emb.)
Christmas Star Ornament
Christmas Treasure Box 1999
Christmas Wallet Sampler
Christmas Wishes 
Christmas Workshop Etui, Silver Needle Exclusive Kit 
Collaboration Sampler, Part III-Peacocks
Common Ground Sampler and Needlebook
Count LeScarrot
Counting Bats
Crabapple Santa
Cranberry Plaid Stocking
Crow Jackers
Crystal Heart 2003
Crystal Noel
Crystal Roses
Cute Hoots-Ollie
Cute Hoots-Percy
Cynthia's Sampler 
Daffodil Run w/frame
Dazzling Deer Pin
Deck the Halls
Dewdrop Rabbit
Diamond Bouquet Class Series
Dragonfly Sampler Scissor Purse (orig.not gilded) Kit
Dragonfly Summer
Dream Garden
Dreamkeeper Boxes
Ebenezer Bear-Shenanigans
Ebony Rose
Emma and Eliza in the Garden
Emma and Eliza Meet the Owls of October
Emma and Eliza's Christmas Hat
Enchanted Hearts Class Series
Enchanted Swans Class Series
Evangeline Angel
Evening Star Class Series
Fairy Roses
Faith Angel
Feather Tree WhimZi
Feathered Fashion w/Needle Slide
Felicity Angel
Filigree Fancies Christmas Morning kit
Filigree Fancies Curious Cats kit
Filigree Fancies Daisy Bouquet kit
Filigree Fancies Fairy Violets kit
Filigree Fancies Festive Flight kit
Filigree Fancies Floral Star kit
Filigree Fancies Forget-Me-Not kit
Filigree Fancies Ivy Heart kit
Filigree Fancies Magic Wings kit
Filigree Fancies Pansy Basket kit
Filigree Fancies Rose Angel kit
Filigree Fancies Running Rabbits kit
Filigree Fancies Silver Heart kit
Filigree Fancies Soldier Boy kit
Filigree Fancies Teddy's Wreath kit
Filigree Fancies Winter Roses kit
Finchley's Garden and frame
Finchley's Summer House
Flight School
Flora Angel
Floral Fifteen Biscornu
Floral Sunshine 2001
Florentine Floral
Flower Girls
Flowering Crown 
Flowers of Joy
Flying Colors
Follow the Needle 
Freedom Flowers
From the Heart
Frost Flower WhimZi
Frost on the Pumpkin
Frosty Hopes
Gabriella Angel
Garden Glamour
Garden Maze w/charm, frame
Garden Party
Garden Prince 1999
Ghastly, Ghostly Ghouls
Ghoulies and Ghosties
Ghoultown Gala
Gilded Dragonfly Scissor Purse and Fob
Gillyflower Grace
Ginger Joy 2006 Ornament
Gingerbread Angel Mouse
Gingerbread Garden Cube
Gingerbread Jingle Mouse
Gingerbread Mouse, Ltd.ed.(revised)
Gingerbread Needle Case
Gingerbread Scissor Stocking
Gingham Christmas
Gingham Quilt Pattern Pack 2004
Girls Night Out
Gloriana Angel
Glorious Wings series-Glory Angel kit
Glorious Wings series-Holly Christmas 1997 kit
Glow! Tin and Humbug Pincushion, ltd. ed.
Grace Angel
Great Expectations
Grow!-Over the Top Ltd. Ed. Tin and Pincushion
Guardian Grace Angel Bear
Hagatha's Orange Hat
Hagatha's Purple Hat
Halloween Party
Happy Bluebird
Harmony Monogram Tin
Haunted Pumpkins Tree
Have a Heart!
Heart Butterfly 2008
Heart of Gold Ltd. Ed.
Heartfelt WhimZi
High Hopes
Holiday in Ice
Holiday Snowflake
Holly Berry Snowflakes
Holly Bows 2010 Ornament
Holly Knot
Holly Noel 2004 Ornament
Honey Bunny Ltd. Ed.
Honeysuckle Rose
Hootzi Humbug
Hop! Ltd. Ed. Needlebook Fob and Tin
Hope Angel
Hoppington Hill
Horrified WimZi
HummingBead Heaven
Ice Blossom
Ice Garden
Ice Moth-Ornamental Treasures IV
Icy Hill
Italian Ice w/Frosty Flake charm
It's Snowing Men
Jasmine Mix
Jingle Tin and Biscornu, Ltd.Ed.
Jolly Old Elf
Joy Angel
Joyous Ark-Small Delights
Jump for Joy 2003
Kari's Snowflake 2001
Kissing Birds Needle Slide
Keep a Little Secret
Lacy Diamond
Lady in Red Heart-JCS Mag,Mar/Apr 2005
Lady Scarlet's Christmas and frame
Lady Scarlet's Journey Part I
Lady Scarlet's Journey Part II
Lady Scarlet's Journey Part III
Lady Scarlet's Scissor Roll, Silver Needle Exclusive
Lady Scarlet's Secret Garden
Ladybug Santa WhimZi
Lady's Wreath
Larkspur Lane
Lavender Angel
Leave It Green
Liberty Angel
Lily Pond
Little Princess Snow Ornament
Little Nutcracker-JCS Orn. Issue 2001
Lorelei Lamb
Love and Roses 2000
Love Birds Tree 
Love Grows
Love Letters
M is for Mouse
Making Friends
Maple Ravens WhimZi
March Hare Ltd.Ed. WhimZi
Mermaid Heart w/Seahorse WhimZi
Merry 15 Christmas Biscornu, Ltd.Ed.
Merry Gentlemen
Merry Old Elf
Minerva's Mouse kit (have 2nd Owl treasure box)
Miss Kitty's Dragons
Miss Kitty's Pin Cube
Miss Witchy Mouse
Mitten Men and frame (also have second frame)
Moon Riders
Morning Flower
Morning Meadow
Morning Song
Motif Mystique
My Fair Ladybug
Nan's Garden
Nantucket Rose Sampler
Needle Flutters-Angel
Needle Flutters-Lady
Needle Flutters-Princess
Needle in A Garden
Needle Story
Needle Tweets-Daisy
Needle Tweets-Lila
Needle Tweets-Pinkie
Nicholas Bear-Shenanigans
Noah Bear
Noah's Needle 
Noah's Rainbow
Noah's Sampler
Noah's Sampler Reborn   
Noel 2012 Ornament   
Noel Bear-Shenanigans
Noella's Christmas Berry kit (have 2nd bird treasure box)
Nosegay-Ornament Treasures I
Nutcracker Santa
Oakley Owlet
Octagonal Peacock
October Eves
Oh Deer!
Once in a Blue Moon Class Series
Ornamental Advent   
Ornamental Letters
Owl Winder Pocket and Winder
Painted Lady
Painted Turtle Pocket
Pansies Please
Pansy Cameo Class Series
Parlor Ribbons
Patience, Collector's Edition Sampler, Chapter and Verse
Peacock Alphabet
Peacock Cypher
Peacock Majesty Sampler and Box Lid
Peacock Tapestry 2000
Pearl Angel
Pearl Orchid Pattern Pack 2003
Pearl Swans
Peddler Santa
Peppermint Rose (very similar to Christmas Rose)
Peppermint Snowflakes Tree 
Perlee Heart
Peter Cottontail Ltd.Ed. WhimZi kit   
Petticoat Heart   
Pin Keeper's Garden
Pink Ice Cube
Plant Kindness
Poor Jack
Porcelain Nosegay
Porch Garden Mice
Pretty Wicked! Ltd.ed. WhimZi w/Magic Mat
Pretty Winder Pocket w/Butterfly
Primrose Path
Promises (dove pair in heart)-Ornamental Treasures VI
Purple Heart Ltd.Ed. 2005 Nashville market special
Queen of the Needle
Queen of the Needle Sampler Sewing Case-Silver Needle Ex.kit
Queen's Bluebird Box
Queen's Heart w/frame
Quilted Bear 2000-Charm School
Red Hat Stitcher-Marching Orders
Red Hat Stitcher-The Promise
Regency Roses 2005 (very ltd.ed.)   
Reginald T. Hedgehog
Reindeer Game   
Remember 9/11
Remember Sampler   
Rhymes and Reasons
Robin's Wreath
Rose Hearts 
Rose Lady
Rose Wings-Ornamental Treasures V
Rosebuds-Ornamental Treasures III
Roses for Anna   
Roses for St. Nicholas Stocking   
Rosie Rabbit
Royal Blossoms
Royal Blossoms 2007 (different)
Royal Butterflies
Royal Roses Class series
Rudy Reindeer 2011 Ornament
Santa Pinwheel Needle Orts Exclusive
Satin Blossoms
Schoolgirl Basics   
Scream Girls WhimZi
Scream House Ltd.Ed. Silver Needle kit
Seasonal Gems II-Summer and Autumn 
Seasonal Gems I-Winter and Spring
Seeds of Friendship
September Song   
Serafina Angel  
Side by Side Collaboration, Part 1  
Sherry's Scissor Pocket, Shop Exclusive
Silkwood Manor    
Silver Needle
Silver Needle Santa WhimZi
Singing Pin Bird   
Sirens of the Sea
Sizzle!-In The Tin and Pinkeep Ltd.ed.
Sleeping Angel Charm Chart 1999   
Snow Bonnets WhimZi   
Snow Business
Snow Deer WhimZi  
Snow Faces
Snow Forest
Snow!-Over the Top Ltd. Ed. Tin and Needle Book
Snowball Day
Snowberries-Ornamental Treasures II
Snowfire Christmas
Snowflake Lace Class Series 
Snowflake Santa
Snowflower Lace Class Series
Song of The Needle 
Sparkle Bee WhimZi
Sparkling Iris
Special Delivery Pattern Pack kit   
Spider Moon   
Splendora Fairy Bear   
Spooky Spirits of Tombstone Hill Cube
Spooky Tin and Witch Hat
Spring Fantasy, Excl. to Stitchcraft
Spring Frills Humbug
Spring in the Air
Spring in the Square   
Spring in the Tulips-Lettered Border Series I
Spring Peepers
Spring Spell-Ltd. Ed. WhimZi
Spring Typography
Spring! Bellpull and Pillow w/bellpull hardware
Star of Light Class Series
Star of Wonder Class Series
Stars in Bloom?
Stitcher's Dreams Sampler-Kreinik Exclusive
Strawberry Heart
Strawberry Summer
Sugarplum Violets Stocking
Summer by the Sea-Lettered Border Series II   
Summer in the Square   
Summer Night
Summer Spell-Ltd. Ed. WhimZi
Summer Stroll-Small Delights
Summer Typography
Summer Wings Humbug
Sun Blossoms Tree
Sunny Summer Happy Garden
Swan Lake
Sweet Remembrance
Tall Flowers
Tea With Honey Cube
Thanks a Bunch! 
Tie One On! Ltd.ed. WhimZi kit
Tinsel Tapestry
Tiny Garden Square
Tiny Tim Bear   
Tiny Toile Heart (exchange?)
Toby Teddy-Shenanigans
Tomorrow's Flowers
Tree Hollow Hoot
Trick or Treat Ort Box kit, Silver Needle exclusive
Tricky Tweet Jackie Lantern
Tricky Tweet Screamy Mimi
True Blue Heart 2005 w/frame
True Friends
Tulip Bunny WhimZi
Tulip Time and frame
Turkey Lurking   
Tuscan Sunrise
Twilight Pearls Leaf Ball
Twinkle Bear   
Victorian Floral-Ornamental Treasures VII
Victorian Rose (same as Victorian Filigree Fancy in Needlework Magazine, Nov.96)
Victorian Violets
Victor's Stocking
Wee Pumpkin Pockets
When Barnabee Met Bella
Where's the Cat-In or Out w/cat beads
WhimZi 40 Count Borders online freebie
WhimZi More 40 Count Borders online freebie
WhimZi Rose online freebie
Whirlibirds WhimZi
Whiskers Cat-Shenanigans   
Wildflower Wishes
Williamsburg Stitcher's Case
Winter Blues
Winter Hearts Humbug
Winter in the Forest-Lettered Border Series IV
Winter in the Square
Winter Lace, in JCS Nov/Dec 1997
Winter Romance
Winter Spell-Ltd. Ed. WhimZi
Winter Typography
Winter Violets WhimZi
Wintry Mix
Wise Old Owl    
Witch Way   
With My Needle (have emb.) 
Woodrow Bear Toymaker-Shenanigans
Yuletide Ivy Stocking


  1. Here's one for your list - Red Hat Stitcher, Marching Orders. with a cute little red hat charm!