Friday, July 31, 2009

Holland Landscapes update!

Last night I finished the part 7 window scene with the windmill on my Holland Landscapes! It took longer than I would have liked seeing as we are doing some renovations in our house this summer. They will have to wait until after vacation to get completed, but I have already picked out my vacation projects....ones suitable to a lakeside view and lots of relaxation!

Anyway, here's the window, and a progress picture of the whole piece as well!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another quick finish!

While stash diving this week (and supposedly organizing) I found this and decided to stitch it up for my bird-themed kitchen finally! It is a design from an old JCS leaflet called Absorbing Nature by Cathy Livingston. The designs are all supposed to be for towels, but this Bluebird fit nicely on the 14ct vinyl weave that came with the soap dispenser by Crafter's Pride. Maybe I'll making a matching kitchen towel someday.....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Prairie Schooler Santa ornament

A little Christmas in July stitching, this one being the 1991 Schooler Santa from Prairie Schooler!
I'm stitching backward through them all to the year I met my DH, which was 20 years ago last weekend! Two more, and then I'll just stitch each new one as they come out every year. Eventually I'll finish them all as ornaments and they will have their own tree. If you had to finish 20 ornaments how would you do it? I have some nice backing fabric, but I'm not really looking forward to 20+ little pillow ornies. Suggestions welcome!

I have also been working on stash organization and clearing my hobby room of extraneous "stuff". Right now it's chaos as I have been putting everything into an Excel file (being a former librarian has it's advantages, and obsessions too!). All the charts and leaflets are done, and most of the kitted stuff....saving the magazines for last as they are a whole other "obsession"! I'm eventually going make a list of stash up for adoption, so stay tuned.
Not to worry, I'll leave time for stitching, or go crazy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Alla Turca, Part 7 added

I added part 7 to my Alla Turca last Friday before the 4th of July holiday and just now got around to uploading the picture! There are only 2 parts left on this SAL, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly! The fabric is Silkweaver's Aquamarine cashel, the threads are gold Sparkle braid and Weeks' Peacock, all stitched over one.

Sunday I started another Schooler Santa ornie (1991 edition this time) to add to the collection...a bit of Christmas in July for me! After that I'm going to try and get back to Holland Landscapes.
Unless something else screams louder! ;-D

Friday, July 3, 2009

July Biscornu!

Hi all! Happy 4th of July in America! I finished my July Biscornu late on the 3rd and won't be able to post tomorrow, so here it is! It is by Alexandrina of the Matryoshka Biscornu blog, and is called the Summer Butterfly Biscornu. It made me think of fireworks, so I used some 28ct white evenweave and leftover Dinky-Dyes silks, stitched it over 1 and made a little 2 inch fob. I tried the trick of plain fabric on the back (strengthed with the same evenweave) and I think it turned out great (if a bit fiddley with such a small biscornu!). Once stuffed it was nice and smooth on the back.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Recap, July Goals

June Recap...
~Castles in the Air, Pt. 3 Done!
~Alla Turca, Pts.4-6 Done!
~Kiwi Tote Bag Done!
New Starts...
~Just Nan's Beaded Rose Biscornu Done!
~San-Man's Going Bananas Done!
~San-Man's Kitty Frame Done!

July Goals...
~Castles in the Air, Pt.4 Started...
~Alla Turca, Pt.7 Done!
~Holland Landscapes, Pt.7 Done!
New Starts...
~Alexandrina's Summer Butterfly Biscornu Done!
~Something for Christmas in July...1991 Schooler Santa Done!
~Bluebird Soap Dispenser Done!
(and who knows what else?) ;-)