Friday, July 3, 2009

July Biscornu!

Hi all! Happy 4th of July in America! I finished my July Biscornu late on the 3rd and won't be able to post tomorrow, so here it is! It is by Alexandrina of the Matryoshka Biscornu blog, and is called the Summer Butterfly Biscornu. It made me think of fireworks, so I used some 28ct white evenweave and leftover Dinky-Dyes silks, stitched it over 1 and made a little 2 inch fob. I tried the trick of plain fabric on the back (strengthed with the same evenweave) and I think it turned out great (if a bit fiddley with such a small biscornu!). Once stuffed it was nice and smooth on the back.


  1. I love it! It actually reminds me of a cat a little, especially with the tail attached to the fob!

  2. Well done, it's really pretty!

  3. It's wonderful!