Friday, March 22, 2013

More catching up on 2012

I'm back with more catching up on last year's stitching....In August I finished two projects, one is an old Secret Needle Night project from The Silver Needle shop....Toadaly being framed.

The next one is a Lizzie Kate project, Birds & Bugs. This is a needle book of sorts, came prefinished and only needed stitching!

After that, I worked exclusively on a Chatelaine design, Evening in the Park, before going off to the Shepherd's Bush retreat in Utah with my friend Carolyn. I got almost to the end, and had to take it with me to finish the last of the trees around the outside before taking it to Jill Rensel for framing.
As you can see, Jill did a wonderful job framing it for me! She gave me permission to use her picture, taken before boxing it up with all my framing...btw, she did an excellent job with the packing! I have never gotten anything packed so well in my life! The photo just does not do it justice!

Here is some more framing from last year's projects...just to wrap that up! Raise the Roof's Official Crazy Cat Lady, framed locally.
These are the three Workbasket designs Jill Rensel framed....her picture, by permission.
And these are the four small Chatelaine Micro designs from Jill as well....

Next post will be all about the 2012 Shepherd's Bush Retreat in September, including projects! Come back soon!