Monday, July 26, 2010

My new start reward for finishing a UFO!

So, after finishing the dragon afghan UFO, I felt the need for a new start! This is what I did last's a Teresa Layman design, but not one of her knot designs! It's the Singing Tree. I love this design...notice the kitty peering cute and fun to stitch! The fabric is a Silkweaver Solo from my stash (lovely to have stash for spur of the moment stitching) and I used the called for fibers, mostly GAST and CC.

Last night I was back working on Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, block 7! Soon it will be August, which I hope will be more normal in the weather department...we just suffered through three straight days of temps over 100F!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Once a UFO, now a Happy Dance!

I started this project way back in 2002, and it was a UFO for several years before I finally got it back out last year and vowed to complete it! It is the Dragon Feathers Afghan by Fanta Cat Designs, stitched on black Anne cloth. Last night I finished hemming the edges and fringing them and am Happy Dancing like mad! Click on the pic to see it better.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Biscornu

This pattern by Paw Printings has been in my stash and kitted for several years. When I came across it recently, I realized it was square and could be made into a biscornu. It called for 18ct linen in Wild Raspberry (Wichelt) but I had only 32ct, thus its a small one, only 2.5 inches across. The center was supposed to have a MH treasure heart, which would not work, thus the pretty button! The back is plain. It is called Raspberry Parfait, c2004.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow progress report, and more!

I finished the 6th part of CaHRH last week, and am now celebrating the half way point!

Made a couple of changes...the horse pulling the sleigh is now palomino, and has a collar and else could he pull it? LOL!

Over the 4th of July weekend I also stitched up this Victoria Sampler piece from the Hearts of America series, #18 for Louisiana. I love the little pelican!

Friday, July 2, 2010

June recap, July goals!

June Recap
~Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, Block 6 Done!
~Castles in the Air, Pt.10 Both pts. 9 and 10 Done!
~Dragon Feathers Afghan did some hemming...
New Starts...
~biscornu...Sweetheart Tree's Strawberry Quilt Block Done!
~new start...Little House's Blueberries Done!
~new start....Val's Stuff-April Showers Done!

July Goals
~Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, Block 7 Done!
~Castles in the Air, Pt.11 Nope, hopefully next month!
~Dragon Feathers Afghan Done...finally!
New Starts....
~Victoria Sampler's Louisiana Heart Done!
~Teresa Layman's Singing Birds Done!
~Paw Printing's Raspberry Parfait Biscornu Done!