Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stitching Jubilee Report and Stash Haul!

Gee, it's taken me a couple of days just to recover from my trip to Lancaster, PA with my friend Carolyn. We had a blast at the Stitching Jubilee! Drove up from NC on the 14th (in the rain), got up early the next day to check out the class availability, and fell in love with Pat Hartman's Secret Garden (scroll down the page a bit to see it). Believe me, it's stunning in person! Problem was, the class was on Saturday afternoon and we had to leave! Well, we signed up anyway and Pat was great...we were able to pick up the class kits just before class on our way out the door. We got the green/lavender/peach version, but it also comes in a blue version. Carolyn took a class by Catherine Jordan as well, but I'll let her tell that story on her blog.

I spent the entire day Thursday in the mart, burning up the cc while it continued to rain outside, and the temperature was dropping. Who knew? (missed the entire Balloon Boy episode on tv too, thank goodness!...barely even knew there was a world outside) ;-D

I have a few pictures of all the stash I acquired down below.....(making up for missing last year's show, I bought twice as much this year!) We stayed up way too late (errrr, early?) in the Stitcher's Lounge Thursday night and slept in a bit on Friday, and while Carolyn went to her class, I shopped some more. We ended up eating in the hotel a lot because it continued to rain, and I was not prepared for cold AND wet! Met lots of folks, some known from online or past shows, some new (Hi ladies!), talked too much, and made a quick stop in the mart Saturday morning (which turned into two hours),then we headed home....
....at least it was all down hill to NC! LOL!

Where I spent most of my time (and money!).....(there were about 20 booths total)
Gitta's Designs (silk gauze, pattern, stretcher bars)
Picture This Plus (fabric, Dinky Dyes silks)
Scandinavian Stitches (kits)
Silver Needle (patterns)
Bush Mountain Stitchery (fibers, patterns)
JBW Designs (patterns)
Mimi's Attic (Dutch Treat patterns and cloth on 40% off!)
Stoney Creek (patterns, scissor sharpener)
and finally...
Victoria Clayton (silks, silks, silks!) Check this link to her board
Scroll down a bit to the crowd around a pile of silk...that's me on the left with the gray hair and black sweater! (they had an accident with the trailer on the way home from another event and that was the tangled pile that resulted...$4 a bag (snack bag size) and untangle at your leisure at home)

Anyway, here are the pictures of the pile O' stash at home....click on the pics to see better.

(shown above: JBW, Just Nan, Carriage House, Stoney Creek, threads, goodies)
(shown above: Barbara Ana at top, Gitta's silk gauze and Bird of Paradise, Whispered by the Wind's Autum Lace, Four Cats kit from Scandinavian Stitches)
(shown above: overlap with last pic, plus Vicki Clayton silks and class kit in back, Maureen Appleton Seahors fob w/scissors included, Bluebird Tree...)
(shown above: overlap with last pic, Dutch Treat tabletopper charts and fabric in back, Dictionary of Cats, Sampler Cove's Kaleidoscope Flowers and silk, PTP fabric.)
Some of the silks and fabric were for charts I had already, like several Needlemania, TW, Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, etc. Two years worth of mart shopping in three days!


  1. WOW You have been storing for a long and cold winter!!! What a beautiful things did you buy. The bird of paradise is my favorite.

  2. Oooh, I love seeing pics of stash acquisition! I think I would have made a beeline for the seahorse fob + scissors... and dived into the silk pile too.

  3. Wow - I haven't even pulled all mine out yet. If I spread it all out together, I'd have a heart attack!! Can't wait to see the Secret Garden and Bird of Paradise take off. It was fun - definitely on the agenda for next year, though we have to watch those early AM hours! But we can sleep at home, right? LOL

  4. Looks like a GREAT haul!! That Bird of Paradise is stunning!

  5. Wow! You're all set for the next several months of stitching... what a haul!

    Any recommendations for someone who might go next year to her first one?

  6. Thanks y'all! Measi, my advise if attending the Jubilee next year....bring snacks, wear real comfortable shoes, and pay off your CC before you come!

  7. WOW! Wow wow wow wow. Talk about a stash haul--incredible!