Thursday, March 25, 2010

Castles in the Air progress report

Once again I have some progress to post on Castles in the Air by Papillon....part 8 has been added! In April I am going to try and catch up as pts. 9 and 10 have been released. Part 8 included the two vertical elements to the left of the center. Part 9 will be the same for the other side. I have shown a close-up, and this is the whole piece so far. It's quite large so I have been stitching it upside down to make it easier to reach. Easy really, all you do is flip it, and the pattern and the color key the symbols don't confuse you!

I decided after this that I had better get started on Mother's Day gifts, so I pulled out a couple of Hummel pillow kits. I have had them for a while, and Mom and hubby's Mom aren't getting any younger! Started Lily of the Valley for my mom, and will work on Daisy Girl for MIL next month.


  1. Your 'Castles' is looking beautiful. I'm doing it as well. ( I too am on the catchup.! I have done a mix of specialty and cross stitch versions.

  2. It's gorgeous!!! I'm still on part 4 and have MUCH catching up to do. ;-(
    Barb in TX

  3. Your 'Castles' is beautiful! I am collecting the charts but didn't start yet; too many other things to do. I enjoy following the progress of other stitchers.

  4. Your Castle is looking great!!