Thursday, August 11, 2011

August Biscornu Necklace Fob

Stitched this up yesterday, easy peasy, and quick!  It is from the blog of Francois Sablaise, saved a while ago from her April 2009 post. She called it Pendouille Avril 2009, I call it a biscornu necklace fob!
First the two sides before assembly...stitched with DMC 564 and 778 on 28ct pearl linen.
Here it is, assembled and on a silver chain...front side.
 And the back side, on dramatic black! It is one and a half inches across.


  1. What a lovely necklace! Congrats

  2. Very pretty. Love those colors!!

  3. A very pretty necklace, love it.

  4. I love your tiny biscornus. I found this blog, it's got lots of little designs which would be perfect for your tinies. I keep my eyes open for them!

  5. Kathy, You will find my 8 new patterns when you scroll down under the last post.. Thank you for your comment!