Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's September...can Halloween be far behind?

I have to admit I love stitching stuff for Halloween, just because of all the fun, funky colors! This week it was the Val's Stuff October Kitty Kalendar cat, poking his head out of a pumpkin. Only two more to go in the series!  Fabric is a 28ct Silkweaver Solo, suitably funky.
Speaking of kitties....we recently added to the menagerie when our local shelter had a special cat adoption day for only $10 each, which included all shots, tests and neutering! Picked the new boys up a little over a week ago, and have them confined from the rest of the pets until they get over the usual shelter colds.  They are brothers, about 6 months old, and silver tabbies. Meet Taliesen and Finn MacCool !  Tali and Finn for short, blue and red collars respectively. They are staying in the guest room and adjoining bath for now. Never had two kittens who moved so constantly, except when they are eating and purring like no tomorrow! Hard to take pictures of them together. Will keep trying!
Of course, our dog Lad is totally confused by them, and the older cats Cassiopeia (Cassi) and Leo are wary, but we hope for a smooth transition once the little boys are done with their surgeries. We are a four cat household again!


  1. The new boys are adorable. I love Tabbies. Of course, Yes Dear is one, lol. I hope they fit in well. And your finish is cute. Grats!!

  2. Congrats on your new family members !! Tali & Finn are GORGEOUS !!! Just wanted to drop by and say hello, congrats and tell you how much I enjoy your blog !! Beth

  3. I love your little finish! It's very cute, I just love anything Halloween themed too. :) And congrats on the new kitties!! They are adorable!