Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hummel finish...

I have been busy with lots of stuff this month...the house is getting a spring fix-up and new paint outside, and I'm trying to get more time to stitch as the month runs down. Finished this Hummel child for my Mom's birthday next month, just need to make it into a pillow. It is called Lily of the Valley, which is the May flower, and my mom loves the little Hummel children, so...

For a kit, this was fairly detailed, with lots of blended threads. I used the aida in the kit because it's a pillow and needs to be more sturdy.

I also did another block of Carriage House's Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, the first block this time! Here is my progress so far.....four done, eight to go!

If you recall, I'm insanely stitching this on 40ct silk gauze over one. Still debating the issue of filling in the background. Some blocks are quite full, like the one center top, others are not, like the first one. It's hard to hide threads on that sort of block. Will decide later, I think.
April is just about gone, hope everyone is enjoying the seasonal changes in your part of the world!


  1. lily of the Valley is very cute. Your mum will love it. I am always amazed by the size of your CaHRH; it must be hard to see all those tiny stitches.

  2. Such a pretty girl! It will be a great gift for your mom!
    I love Hummel's designs. Btw, I've just finished Hummel's "Blue belle", if you want you may see it here in my blog(http://robin-mycreative.blogspot.com/2010/04/blue-belle-hummel.html)

  3. Thanks for kind comments ladies! Robin I saw your Blue Belle on your blog and she is lovely!

  4. Wow. That is unbelievably small! You must not be as old as me.... I think I would go blind! I love it though, and the Hummel is so cute.

  5. The Hummel piece looks great. I love the look of detailed stitching like that.

    40 count gauze... you are one brave woman. Hope you have eyes left after that. Really pretty so far.

  6. I love the Hummel Child, lily of the Valley was my mothers favorite scent.

  7. Lovely work on both, congrats Kathy!

  8. The Hummel girl is very cute. Your mum will love it!

  9. The Hummel child is very sweet. I'm sure your mom will enjoy it.

    I see what you mean about hiding threads on the transparent background. I might be tempeted to do a filler stitch, too.

  10. Great progress, Hummel girl is a sweetie :)
    I'm voting for no filler on the second piece, I think it looks brilliant as it is.

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  12. So cute- and CAHR is looking good!