Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Nan finish, and a very little one indeed!

In order to calm my nerves over Final Four weekend/Easter weekend/Birthday weekend, I stitched up a little goodie from Just Nan, called Keep a Little Secret, between events. And little it surely is, only one inch wide and stitched over one! Chart comes with the tin, but I expect this will be hard to find, it's so cute!

Oh, and my birthday on Easter was wonderful, nice dinner I didn't have to fix, lots of stitchy money to spend, a new cordless phone (so stitching is not interupted) and my PT Cruiser got a full out cleaning inside and out! Of course, by the time I drove it home, it already had a fine layer of yellow pollen! Still, the Duke blue Cruiser never looked better....and my Duke Blue Devils even gave me a pressie...they won the NCAA 2010 Men's Basketball Title on Monday!! Oh, and my other sports passion, the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team, will be hosting the NHL All-Star game in 2011....what a week! I think I'd better go stitch to calm down! ;-)


  1. Now that is a lot of excitement in a weekend! Sounds like you had a great BD! I love the JN peacock - so cute!

  2. Happy BD! I love the peacock too. That tin is so cute as well.

  3. I love that peacock so much! Belated Happy Birthday wishes - glad it was a good day. :D