Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A few things back from the framer....

I am lucky to have an excellent framer at my LNS, and thru them, a finisher as well! I got a few things back this week that were over to be framed or finished. The first one is a needlepoint pillow, which was from a class I took in 2003! Finally I decided I was never going to make it into a pillow myself (canvas is rough on sewing machines!) so I sent the canvas piece and fabric I picked for it off, and here it is.....she mitered the corners perfectly for me!

The other two are framed pieces I stitched earlier this year. They are going in my kitchen.
One is the Val's Stuff April Showers on gingham, the other is Teresa Layman's cross stitch version of Singing Tree.

I am working on block 9 of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow this week...stay tuned!


  1. The pillow looks great, and the frames suit the designs perfectly.

  2. Nice finishes! I love the pillow.