Thursday, September 9, 2010

What? Another SAL you say?

I must be certifiably crazy to start another SAL this year, especially one so large! I usually am not much into traditional samplers but when I tripped over this sampler SAL online I could not resist it! You can find it here. The designer is in Brazil, and her name is Wal D'Champs. Her company name is WDC Designs. The SAL is called Rose Garden and it is very unusual for a traditional sampler, and like I said...Large! Try 500x600 stitches! There are some wonderful motifs and animals on the sampler as well as several different alphabet styles. She is releasing a part every other month for a small fee of one dollar US for each part. Part 5 of 12 just came out, so I'm way behind already! It will last out this year and next so that will give me some time to catch up...assuming I do nothing but stitch, of course! It is charted in DMC, with and Anchor conversion. There are only 6 colors, three greens and three pinks. I changed the pinks slightly to match my decor in the guest room where it is destined to live. I decided that because of the size and my scroll frame limits I would stitch it on white 25ct lugana over 1. Here is a picture of what I have done so far, starting with the top middle point (pt.2) and working my way back eventually. This is just one motif! I included the floss so you can see the colors, and a picture of the cover to show the size.
You all know I also have signed up for the new Hummingbird Mandala from Chatelaine right?
I am still waiting on fabric for that....which would make my 5th *jumbo* piece going at once. Yep, I'm certifiable. That's not counting the CaHRH which would be *jumbo* if it were not on 40ct silk gauze! I wonder if they make an exercise bike with a scroll rod attachment?


  1. Wow that is going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see more..

  2. Me too can wait to see the first part!!! ...and don´t worry ... about start now .... you have enough time to finish ... I´ll let on my site from 2010 to 2012!!!
    Thank you for be so kind with me and my work!!!

  3. Wow. You have bit off a lot, but I'm sure you will muddle through. In the meanwhile, I will enjoy seeing your progress pics. Can I just say also that I just love the little black cat at the top of your blog? All those footprints!!!

  4. Well, if anyone can keep up with them all, you can!

  5. I love the idea of a stationary bike with a scroll frame!! Brilliant!

  6. Hi, new reader to your blog, but a member of the Chatelaine board.
    Love your stitching on Rose pretty. I will be downloading this.