Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chatelaine UFO comes out for some love...

Hey all! I got out my oldest Chatelaine WiP/UFO to work on this month! I started it in 2006 and was stuck at the halfway mark, but in order to justify buying TWO more Chatelaine mandalas, I decided I'd better give the two in process some love while waiting for supplies to arrive! Plus I already had the Hummingbird Mandala all kitted and my reward for stitching on Evening in the Park (adding pt.7) was to finally start the Hummingbirds, which I got last August.

Next month I'll get out Holland Landscapes and my reward there will be to start the Winter Watergarden (more birds!). By the time the Chinese Garden Mandala comes out in April and I have my supplies for it, I should be well ready for my 5th Chatelaine mandala!

Those 5 plus my Rose Garden Sampler will rotate, two each month for a week each, give or take a day. In between I'll work on smalls. At any rate, here's the progress pic! (and a close up of one corner band of pt.7)


  1. Don't remember this one - looking good!

  2. Wow Kathy!
    It looks ever so lovely on that fabric. I had done it back when it was current (on a "natural" colored Belfast...maybe it was what was the suggested one...) I just love the color you chose.
    One thing I added on mine was a bit of scattered blending filament (opalescent) inside all the lamps so it looks like the lights glisten a bit.

    I've been thinking of pulling out a couple of my older Chatelaines and working on them, as well: Provance is calling me and Medieval Town ONLY needs the rest of the beads added.

    All of my attention has been on Flower Power. I hit the half way mark yesterday! YAY ME! /cheer!!!! :) Big huge smiles!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday