Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Recap, February Goals

January Recap
~Castles in the Air, Pt.13 Done!
~Rose Garden Sampler SAL
~JCS Class project-Catherine Jordan
~Jubilee Class project-Jackie du Plessis Progress made...
New Starts....
~Kitty Kalendar-May Done!
~Scissors Biscornu Necklace Done!
~Just Nan Christmas Secret Done!
~Hummingbird, Teresa Wentzler Done!
~Chatelaine Micro 01 Done!

February Goals
~Rose Garden Sampler SAL, Pt.1
~Evening in the Park, pt.7
~JCS Class project-Catherine Jordan (hopefully!)
New Starts...
~Entwined Hearts Tiny Biscornu
~Hummingbird Mandala (finally starting it!)

As you all may notice, I'm gonna be stitching Chatelaines a lot this month! Have to make some progress to justify the TWO new ones I want to buy this year!
Wish me luck.....

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on the Chatelaines, which ones are you wanting to buy?

    You got tons done in January!