Friday, March 11, 2011

Val's Stuff Kitty Kalendar again...

First off, I'm watching CNN's coverage of the Japanese earthquake disaster, and my thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone there, including those around the entire Pacific Rim who are feeling the effects of an 8.9 earthquake off Japan, and the resulting tsunami. Over 50 aftershocks in excess of 5 have come thru from the USGS in my email inbox. It's just stunning.

Our own little troubles pale in comparison.

I finished my June Kitty last night and wanted to post a pic. This one is very colorful and makes me smile. May it do the same for anyone visiting.


  1. Yes, it did make me smile. I love the bee!

  2. Cute kitty! I just saw your other ones and they are all adorable.

  3. The earthquake is awful. I've heard that it's the 5th worst one in the last 111 years!

    Your kitty is so cute and cheerful :)