Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two small projects before a new start to come!

Finally able to get a post up with my last April project and the first one of May!

I had another Kitty Kalendar monthly kitted so I did that while watching THE WEDDING festivities...I'm sure you all know what that's all about! Such a nice distraction from the woes of the world and before reality hit again on Sunday. At any rate, this one is August, stitched on another 28ct Silkweaver Solo with called for Weeks. Longing for some sunny days now!

Sunday I whipped out another mini biscornu necklace fob, this time with a pattern by Janie Hubble Designs (formerly Cat's Whiskers)
This is Peacock Feathers, a freebie you can get by signing up for her newsletter. Once you are on the list, you will receive the current newsletter link, and can access the newsletter archives, where other freebies are offered. Of course, to make it small for wearing on a chain, I stitched it over one using one strand of Gloriana's Tropical Seas. It's just over an inch across!

Next month I'll be using another of her freebies from the May newsletter, called High Tea!

My new start was my birthday present but I had to wait for the supplies to arrive from's the new Chinese Garden Mandala from Chatelaine! My rotation has been working so well this year, I decided I needed a reward...another BAP! Watch for my first WiP picture later this month....;D


  1. Love your cat calendar and the latest teeny biscornu. Now going to check out that link, love a freebie!

    I have a great cat photo I took today which will be posted on my next blog, watch out for it!

  2. Lovely finishes. That cat is SO cute. So is your biscornu.

  3. Very lovely finishes! I love your biscornu necklaces, such a neat idea.

    And I can't wait to see your progress on Chinese Mandala!! :)

  4. The kitty calendar is so cute; I am enjoying them all but August has a cheeky look I particularly like.
    Your teensy tiny biscornu necklaces are so adorable. Great colour on this one. I look forward to seeing the next one and I really look forward to seeing your start on the Chinese Garden Mandala.

  5. Your lil kitty is cute! And I love the teeny biscornu. I'm amazed that you can see the holes in fabby that tiny. I'm guessing at least 36 count, maybe forty. Amazing!! I love the color you chose for it. I love sea colors, they're so beautiful. And can't wait to see your progress on Chinese Garden. Her mandalas are so gorgeous. I have Desert Garden Mandala on the Q now, and I'm lusting after Evening in the Park, A Fairy Garden, and Japanese Garden. She's such a nice person too.

  6. Your kitty is too nice :-)) you have very lovely finishes !!
    Have a nice week-end,