Friday, January 24, 2014

Wrapping up 2013

I've been a bad girl, but did I really only post 3 times in 2013? I stitched like crazy early in the year, while my daughter was on Study Abroad in New Zealand (have to admit I missed her a lot!) When she came home in late April, it was a whirlwind of things that had to be done so all the ducks were aligned for her to start college in the fall, plus her last summer swimming for the neighborhood team, plus her trip to Europe for 2 weeks in July with her grandma and cousins, which was when I read a lot and crocheted a lot, well into the fall after taking her off to fact I crocheted so much, that's what I gave to extended family for Christmas! Hats and scarfs and some afghans too...way too many pictures to put here, so if you are interested, check my Flickr page and look in the Knitting and Crochet Set!

I also got back a few things from the framer in October...some stuff I got re-framed for my Mom, and from Country Cottage, Here Kitty Kitty
....from Just Nan...Peacock Alphabet
and from SamSarah Designs...Daily Life

In the fall I finally got my stitching mojo back with a few starts, including this from Sweetheart Tree...Black Cats Trick or Treat, Ltd.Ed....
Also, this baby gift to my SIL's new grandbaby...from CharlesCraft/DMC. Stitched the fishies from the toy on the bib too!
Finally, I made cuffs for stockings for some members of the family, attaching them to the felt stockings with coordinating buttons, and used some more buttons from the stash to dress up the names I charted.

I think that is about it for 2013, a year that was too fast, and too slow at the same time! Back with more on what I have been stitching so far this year, and the reason for a new Page on my blog that is all about my Just Nan obsession in 2014, and a few SALs I'm doing this year too!

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