Friday, January 31, 2014

My Just Nan finish for January 2014

As part of my participation in the 2014 Just Nan Stitch-a-Long, my first entry is a small one indeed, but oh so satisfying! A fellow Just Nan Junkie on Facebook, Zeb Ahmed, has organized a fun challenge for the members of our little stitch as many designs by Nan Caldera of Just Nan as we can in the year, trying to increase the net presence of Just Nan designs and hope that people notice!  If anyone is interested in joining us, it's not too late! Just visit Zeb's blog here....

My collection of Just Nan stash continues to grow, and at one point I had a list of the ones I'd like to get done this year, but of course it's still in flux as I see other's posting pictures of their happy dances! I decided to start small with a JN WhimZi called Whirlibirds, which came with it's own little ornament frame. The WhimZi frames are no longer available sadly, but you might be able to find them in shops or online if you are diligent in your searching! This is a little kit, all you do is supply the fabric and DMC threads. It's only 2 inches square!
I was uncharacteristically out of two of the DMC colors called for, so I used my best judgement to pick the blue and green colors for two of the birds. The fabric is a bit of leftover linen from my stash. All I had to do was stitch it up and pop it in the frame! I love how cheerful it is! In a dreary cold January, it's a welcome warmer that makes me smile!

Now I have to decide which Just Nan design I will stitch in February! Hmmmm..........


  1. Oh so pretty! I love this design and really must get around to stitching it! Thanks for sharing yours :D

    LOL as for your Just Nan stash, girl you'd better leave some for the REST of us! XD

  2. Lovely! That will look so nice hanging up somewhere.

  3. Cute finish. Where is the peacock SAL? Have peacock majesty on the go, so it might be good for me (I was a member of the Peacock SAL when it was on blogger - how long ago was that???)

  4. Very pretty finish! Congrats...

  5. thanks all! Jo, the Peacock SAL is on Facebook in the Groups section!