Friday, February 28, 2014

My Just Nan finish for February 2014

My entry for the Just Nan 2014 Stitch-a-Long is another small one, part of a seasonal set. This one is Winter Spell, mounted in the WhimZi frame that came with it.  I had originally meant to stitch a different Just Nan design this month, but got drawn into another project (more on that tomorrow!), and just ran out of time! We have had quite the winter here in North Carolina, getting far more snow and ice than we are used to, so this seemed a good choice! This one took just 3 evenings in front of the TV, and it's done! Stitched on a 28ct Blue Breeze opalescent Jazlyn evenweave.
 No doubt I'll return to the series this year, to get Spring Spell, Summer Spell and Autumn Spell completed!