Sunday, March 2, 2014

Blackwork Peacocks!

My other February finish is Blackwork Peacocks by Joan Elliott from the UK CrossStitcher magazine #209, February 2009. I used white 22ct hardanger fabric and Nile Blue silk floss from Hand Dyed Fibers. Finished size is 4.5" by 3.1".

Next, I go back to the Beaded Peacock Tile by Chatelaine Designs, and start my next Just Nan design for March.  Not much more stitching to report, other than a couple more crocheted hats. Today was a beautiful March lamb of a day, hard to believe we are supposed to get more winter weather tomorrow! My daffodils are starting to come up!


  1. Daffodils?! Wow. It is hard to remember that spring might actually be happening somewhere. lol!

    Your Blackwork Peacocks look fabulous!! I have to check to see if I have that issue since I adore peacocks.

  2. Wow! Blackwork Peacocks is gorgeous. I love the colour.

  3. Lovely stitching!!!

    My spring bulbs got covered with a good 6 inches of snow yesterday ;-(

  4. Those peacocks are stunning, all that blackwork!

  5. Lovely stitching... What a lovely black work design :)