Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Progress, March Goals

February Recap
Work on focus WiP
~Holland Landscapes, tulips over pt.6 window scene Postponed again...
New Starts
~Do a biscornu...Garden Biscornu Done!
~Do an ornie fob...XS Cat Done!
~Do a VS state heart...Ohio Done!
~Trellis by Workbasket Postponed to March...
~Blue Bayou by Northern Pine (SAL) Done!
~Growth Rings (impulse new start!) least 1/3 done so far!
~do one finishing project a week Done!
Garden Biscornu Fin.2/4
Raccoon's Visit Fin.2/14
XS Cat fob Fin.2/21
Not a Creature Was Stirring Fin.2/25

March Goals
Work on WiPs
~Holland Landscapes, tulips over pt.6 window scene Postponed again...
~Growth Rings, continue with top half Done!
New Starts
~Do a biscornu... Done!
~Do a peacock....Working....
~Random new start...maybe Trellis, or what? Nope!
~do some finishing! (at least one item) Biscornu finished!

Not feeling particularly ambitious this month...we'll see what else grabs me!
I can't seem to stop working on Growth Rings...finished the second skein of silk and kept right on going! Time to go with the stitching flow, I guess.......

It's a cold and rainy day in my neighborhood, and SNOW is projected! I think I'll nap today, and stitch tonight while the snow falls.....


  1. I'm so impressed with all your goals. Hope you get snow! :)

  2. Great goals! I understand about not being able to stop! When I really just get into a piece and not able to stop, I just go with it!