Saturday, March 28, 2009

March biscornu

Growth Rings kept me busy most of the month, but I had enough time to get my March biscornu done for the Basket of Biscornu blog. This is from the blog Cross Stitch Happy (both are in my blog list down on the right if you are interested) and is called Roberta's Cats Scissor Fob. It's very tiny for a biscornu, only 2 inches across! I changed the colors of DMC called for, and used a scrap of 28ct watercress linen from my stash. The top has a crystal bicone, and the bottom a button of a mouse!
Before biscornu finishing.
After finishing!
And this is the back...
don't know why Blogger keeps rotating this one picture, but you get the idea!

And, since the orange cat color was inspired by my other male cat Leo, here's a pic of him sleeping too....


  1. Very cute biscornu. Good job squeezing in in!

    Leo looks really relaxed!

  2. Very pretty, Kathy, well done!

  3. cute biscronú,i love th orange cat,they are so Gardfield fashion.