Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March Progress, April Goals

So March was a laid back stitching month for me....Growth Rings took most of the month, but that's okay! As long as it's fun, what does it matter? Anyway, here's the recap and new goals for April!

March Recap
Work on WiPs
~Holland Landscapes, tulips over pt.6 window scene Postponed again...
~Growth Rings, continue with top half...All Done!
New Starts
~Do a biscornu...Done!
~Do an ornie...err, a peacock? Working....
~Random new start...maybe Trellis, or what? Nope!
~do some finishing! (at least one item) Biscornu Done!

April Goals
Work on WiPs....
~Still trying to get back to Holland! Part 6 all done!
~Finish freebie Peacock from Papillon Done!
New Starts...
~Do another gift totebag Done!
~Do a biscornu...Pansy Biscornu Done!
~Do an ornie or other small piece...Peacock Heart Done!
~Start Papillon's Castles in the Air Part 1 is Done!
~At least one every month
Ornament Done!
Biscornu Done!


  1. Great goals! I agree, as long as you have fun, it does not matter at all! I always say that when stitching is not fun anymore, then it is no longer a hobby but instead a job! Always have fun with it or don't do it!

  2. You always make great progress, but hey - now, where's Holland????? haha - ok, you can hit me later! LOL

  3. I made a promise to myself to work on more tulips on Holland before I can start anything else Carolyn!