Thursday, August 12, 2010

Castles update and a biscornu!

Hi all! I got part 11 of my Castles in the Air completed on the 7th. Part 11 is on the lower left, the next part mirrors it. I hope to get back to this later in the month....I am a couple of parts behind and need to catch up. Of course, that depends on how busy we get, as school starts for DD on the 25th!

Also, I finished off my monthly biscornu last night. This is Summer Breeze by Cat's Whiskers. It uses Dinky-Dyes silk, and the fabric is a solo opalescent from Silkweavers. I subbed a hummingbird bead for the top button. This was the fourth of the seasonal biscornu from Cat's Whiskers and Dinky-Dyes. Pictures of all my biscornu are in my Webshots album.


  1. Your Castles in the Air looks wonderful. I'm terribly far behind with mine.

    Great job with the biscornu too. I like the hummingbird very much.

  2. I love the button you have used on your biscornu, so sweet. Great progress on your WIP, keep it up!

  3. Your Castles looking good. I haven't done any for a few weeks so I too have a catch up.

    Very pretty pin on your biscornu, lovely colours

  4. Beautiful stitching! Congrats on being all caught up, I bet that feels good!