Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on Castles again this month...

I have another Castles update this month, trying to catch up before the 15th part is out next month! This is my progress as of pt.12, the half-way point. It has gotten very large and my big floor stand is getting a workout lately! I'm taking a break from this big piece to stitch a card, one of the freebie inserts in World of Cross Stitching magazine, then it's on to another big project, Chatelaine's Holland Landscapes. Tomorrow I'll do some Friday Finishing on Witchy Poo.
The house is so quiet with DD at school now...guess I'd better do some more laundry and go stitch now!


  1. Beautiful - looking forward to Holland, too!

  2. So pretty! I have been drooling over Holland myself, so I am looking forward to seeing it too.

  3. This design is gorgeous,and I can't wait to see Witchy Poo all finished too :)
    Happy stitching.