Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stitching and finishing...

Hi all! Well, Witchy Poo is still waiting to be finished, but I did get the card done, stitched and finished! The design from World of Cross Stitch magazine #167 by Edith Holden, was the free kit that came with the issue. It's called Country Bouquet, and the card came with it. I already know who I'm giving this to! I still have a few days to give Witchy Poo her due time, but today I'm working on some more tulips on Chatelaine's Holland Landscapes mandala. I will be so happy to get all the endless tulips done! Seems like I always get stuck in the middle where the repeats get a tad boring.....after that it seems to go much faster!


  1. Cute finish! The purple flowers are gorgeous. The recipient is very lucky~

  2. Beautiful! I wish I had picked that magazine up.

  3. This card is beautiful, I love freebie kits that come with the magazines. I've done some recently myself.
    Happy stitching to you.