Monday, April 4, 2011

April's Tiny Biscornu

Over the weekend I stitched up another tiny biscornu from Tor Rhuann, the Daisy Garden. The fabric was a scrap of 28ct linen called watercress, thread from leftover kit floss. (always frugal with thread around here!) On the back I added little flowers of my own, inspired by the lazy daisy stitches on the front, and used french knots in the flower centers as contrast. You can see by the needle that this is really tiny, about an inch square!

This completes Belinda's Getting Squared Away series. I now have four tiny biscornu to wear on a chain! I will be going in search of more tiny patterns (16 stitches square or so) in my stash and on the web.

Now I'm going to spend a little time stitching on my Rose Garden Sampler at least until it's time to go down to the DMV and renew my driver's license....just like me to wait until the last day (my birthday!) to get it done! If it's not stitching (or reading) I just put it off. Going out to dinner with my hubby and daughter tonight, then stitching the evening away!


  1. Oh, your biscornu's are so cute! And so tiny! Congrats for finishing the whole series, they look great. I hope you have a lovely time out at dinner and happy stitching to you.

  2. These are so sweet. Looking forward to seeing more of them.

  3. Well Happy Birthday! I love your teeny biscornus. Sorry about the DMV that wouldn't be my first choice on my birthday. Have a wonderful dinner out.

  4. Happy birthday!

    Love the biscornus. They're just so tiny!

  5. happy birthday

    these are charming!


    Have you seen the free 15 sided biscornu on this blog? I wonder if any of the designs would be good for you to make a mini one?

  7. Jo, thank you so much for telling me about Kathrin's blog! I love her designs, and didn't know she had a blog! I saved the whole 15-sided biscornu pattern, but will also have them to use for my tiny necklace biscornu...they are perfect!

  8. Thank you for your visit on my blog ! it is so nice ! About the biscornu with trees, I made the pattern for a cross-stitch exibition,at the end of April. It will be sold with the programm and the profit will goes to the cross-stitch club who organise this event..I was asked to not give the pattern on my blog before the exibition, with is quite logical.. I dont know yet when I will give the pattern on my blog, so if you whant the pattern, just live me your mail adress and I will be pleased to send it to you !!
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  9. Happy Betlated Birthday, StitchinKat!

    This is a little late, but I just wanted to say that I love all your tiny biscornu pendants :) They're so cute!

    There is also another lovely 15-sided Blackwork biscornu pattern from the Stitch-Creations blog; I've linked to each side in one of the posts on my blog, Eglantine Stitchery. Hope this helps!