Saturday, April 2, 2011

Castles in the Air progress report

Hi all! So far, so good this year on keeping on my rotation! For the last week of March I was working on Papillon's Castles in the Air, adding part 14 along the bottom edge, which consists of two sides of a large blackwork gate covered with flowers. Anyone else stitching this might notice my little boo boo on the top of the gates. The fleur de lis motifs along the top should have all been in gold metallic, but I did not realize that until I had already done them in black, so I just did the larger post top ones in gold and left the smaller ones black. Se la vie...if you know what I mean!

Here is a close up of one side of the gate. The other is a mirror image.

Here is the entire piece so far....

Today I am going to finish up my monthly tiny biscornu and get out my next big project to work on. That is if I don't get caught by my latest new book by Jean Auel! We've waiting a long time for the last book in her series!


  1. Wow!! your castle in the air looks so gorgeous : congratulations to oyu :-))

  2. coming along well - I think my favorite part now is the gate!

  3. This is incredibly stunning! Ooohs and ahhhs all around!

  4. That is looking so pretty and coloful!!