Friday, April 1, 2011

March Progress, April Goals

March Recap

~Class project-Tree of Life Journal, Catherine Jordan Completed front panel!
~Hummingbird Mandala, Chatelaine...finish beading on center motif Done!
~Castles in the Air, Pt.14 Done!
~Rose Garden Sampler SAL...finish Pt.1 corner motif New Starts...
~Daffodils Tiny Biscornu Done!
~Micro 02, Chatelaine Done!
~Kitty Kalendar-June Done!
~By the Light of the Moon, Primitive Needle honor piece Done!
April Goals
~Rose Garden Sampler SAL...finish Pt.1 corner motif Pt.1 Done!
~Evening in the Park, pt.8 Working...
~Hummingbird Mandala, pt.2
New Starts...
~Daisy Garden Tiny Biscornu Done!
~Kitty Kalendar-July Done!
~Little House Fruit Series-Apples
~Winter Watergarden Mandala (yes, I am certifiable!)

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