Friday, February 6, 2009

Blue Bayou progress...

Yesterday I mentioned I had started the Blue Bayou canvaswork's a progress pic after about 8 hours, it's roughly 1/3 done.

Like I said, it stitches up really fast! The satin bargello stitches took the longest because I had to count my threads carefully. I love the colors in this...blues and greens like peacocks!

Last night was my third late night in a row to watch my teams play....the 'Canes are on the West Coast all week, and Duke played Wednesday. It had not been a good week until last night, as the Hurricanes beat the Sharks in an OT shoot out! It was 1:30 am before I could crash, so lots of stitching got done! I may have to take a nap today so I can go swim laps with my DSIL tonight.


  1. That's beautiful. What are you stitching it on?
    I may have to buy that later in the year.

  2. I have started, but I don't have but about 3 large Rhodes stitch blocks done on mine. Hoping to work on it later this weekend.

  3. Thanks Claire! It's mono canvas (like for needlepoint) but with all specialty stitches, which is why it's called canvaswork. You could do the same pattern on regular fabric too, like 18ct cork linen. The only difference reading the chart is you count the lines as threads, rather than counting the squares.

    Carolyn, I can't wait to see how your canvaswork
    is coming! At the rate I'm going, (with lots of games to watch on TV while stitching) I should be done by the 14th for Open House...want to do lunch?

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! Great progress!

  5. Beautiful work, Kathy!