Monday, February 9, 2009

What a nice weekend it was!

The weather was so nice over the weekend, and somehow I managed to stitch some! Started off the day Saturday badly tho' as it was our cat Cassi's (the one in the avatar pic) turn for her annual vet visit (how do they know?) and she managed to scratch me badly down my front when I caught her. Ouch! After much application of Neosporin, I settled down to stitch and watch the Duke-Miami game. Not much got done as it was far too close, going to overtime before Duke finally won! Then we had to get ready for relatives coming over for a cook-out. Then clean up, of course! (it was fun anyway!) Later in the evening I was able to stitch on Blue Bayou again while watching another game, this time Carolina Hurricanes hockey against Phoenix. Much more stitching was done, as by the end it was a 7-2 blowout win for the 'Canes! Here is the result of my Saturday stitching.....Blue Bayou is now 3/4 done!
Sunday was spent cleaning out the garage somewhat, and enjoying the spring weather!
Today I checked out Nashville market offers on the web, and made my shopping list (beyond what I had asked the LNS to get for me). The 14th is Open House, and I plan on doing my part to stimulate the needlework economy! Let's see....Crossed Wing has 2 new charts, Brittercup has monthly Britty Kittys...Cat's Whiskers has a couple of must-haves coming out later this Spring, and Just Nan has a 15-sided biscornu out!! There's more I want to see up close, and I can't wait till Saturday!


  1. Your progress is great - I'm just getting really started with mine! Looks so pretty. I'm just really seeing all the lovely new designs out there. There are a few that are calling my name, of course, and I'm dying for the new Crescent Colors. I'll see you Saturday!

  2. I'm loving your Blue Bayou and I think Nashville is going to do me in this year. ;)

  3. Lovely stitching on Bayou! You're lucky to be able to paw through the Nashville stuff at an LNS - there's some great stuff coming from the market.

  4. Blue Bayou is looking just gorgeous!!