Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend stitching...

I did stitch on Growth Rings over the weekend, but I also took a break and made up this little fob. It's from a Margaret Sherry design for the letter X (as is X is for X-Stitch Cat). You can see why I just had to stitch it! I didn't stitch the letter X, just the kitty Kat.

I think I'll keep working on Growth Rings this week (at least a few more days) and finish up the second skein of silk, plus, I'm superstitious (or maybe super-stitch-ious!).....both my teams had wins over the weekend....'Canes (hockey) won Friday night and Sunday afternoon, and Duke (basketball) beat Wake Sunday night! I was stitching on GR for every game! (well, the hockey games anyway, I was AT the Duke game!-evidence coming-check my Facebook page for a video clip) Good luck, right? ;-) February is almost over and I still have a few unmet goals, but hey, so what? I'll get 'em next month!


  1. Great little fob Kathy - it's you!

  2. Yeah, Gio....short, fluffy, and stitching! :-D

  3. I just love the Fob, it is so cute!!! Great job and can not wait to see more progress on the Growth Rings soon!