Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Finish, New Start

Yep, it's yet another biscornu! This design is from a fellow blogger Kissy-Cross (Kirsten Schmidt) and is from a post on August 8th of 2008. Scroll down a bit and you will see this unique biscornu pattern! I used a bit of leftover Summer Sky opalescent Silkweaver fabric, and DMC. I used a shade darker blue for the flowers in one corner so they would be more visible on the blue fabric.
It was started on 2/2 and finished 2/4/09.

Also yesterday, I started working on a canvaswork piece from Northern Pine Designs called Blue Bayou
My friend Carolyn is stitching another of their designs, called Ebb Tide. We are SAL-ing! Mine is going pretty fast so far, and it's fun to stitch.


  1. Dang, girl, you're going to be done by the time I start it! LOL Love the biscornu! I was hoping to get to Durham soon, but I'll probably have to wait till the 14th to get together. Our puppy is great, but I can't leave but for a few hours during the day at a time right now. But man is he huge already!

  2. I love the new Biscornu! It is so cute! Can not wait to see some progress of the finish of the Blue Bayou!

  3. What a cool biscornu! Thanks for the link. Blue Bayou is GORGEOUS...can't wait to see it in progress.

  4. Excellent biscornu finish! Lovely stitching!

  5. This is a cute design. I love the shape of it too.
    Blue Bayou is a lovely design and I'm looking forward to see more of it

  6. Love the biscornu, and Blue Bayou is a stunner - look forward to seeing your stitching!