Sunday, February 15, 2009

Busy week!

Since my last post several things have gotten done...the cupboard my DBIL built for me was installed on Thursday, I started Growth Rings from the latest JCS issue, filled up the cupboard (after much sorting and some discarding of "stuff"), went to the After Market open house at my LNS, and had lunch with my friend Carolyn, and finished an ornie I stitched 3 years ago! I'm one tired, but happy camper!

First, here's the cupboard...I still have a bit more sorting to do.

This is my sewing corner...

This is my work table...

And here is my haul from the I needed more stash! How could I say no to the Britty Kitties, more biscornu, Crossed Wing's newest hummer, Halloween cuties and SILK from Dinky-Dyes?

And finally, the finished ornie (I swear it was square when I was done sewing!)
It's from one of the JCS ornament issues. Raccoon's Visit by Something in Common.

I'll post a progress picture of Growth Rings tomorrow....I'm loving it so far!


  1. ooohhh a nice tidy craft room,I am so jealous.Then all that new stash,some nice charts there and the thread looks yummy.

  2. I do love to see pictures of stitcher's work much fun! Yours looks fab!

    Yay for new stash! Great raccoon ornament! JCS has the best ornaments ever!

  3. I'm mesmerized - it's all so neat, clean (your work table is bare!) and looks fantastic! Come to my house.....Yes, going through the new stash is quite fun! Raccoon is too cute. Had a blast on Saturday. :)

  4. Oh my god. I'm NOT jealous - that green in my face is my natural color - I swear.
    What a beautiful craft room you have. I wish I had one too.
    And great stash. Some of these charts are on my wishlist too. :)