Friday, January 30, 2009


Okay fellow horse nuts! (in no way is this an endorsement by me of the product) You really have to watch the Super Bowl just to see the new Clydesdale commercials...check this link out! Last year I sent an email to AB suggesting they do a commercial w/thoroughbreds and in support of the Barbaro Fund to fight laminitis in horses. I got back a polite form letter. Watch carefully when you view the Director's clip.....I CAN"T WAIT to see the commercials now! Thank goodness for DVR!

Now back to your regularly scheduled stitching report....
Holland's second window is just about done, the tulips above will have to wait for the next rotation. Pictures soon. I'm still cleaning the hobby room, and sorting through the stash....will probably have some stuff for sale when I'm done.....February is nearly here!


  1. Aren't they just beautiful?! I didn't catch anything in the director's clip - is it near the end? Remember the funny Dorito's ads with the competition? I loved the one with the Raleigh group.

  2. Oops, maybe it was in the Trainer's clip....stepladder for jockey, clyde on the was quick! I'm sure the final version that they show will end up on You Tube!