Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slow week...so far

This week has started off slowly because I'm fighting off a winter cold....yuck! Last week, between stitchings, I've been working on cleaning out my hobby/sewing room of all the non-stitching related *stuff* that's been piled up over the years. My DBIL is building me a couple of pieces of "furniture" for the room, and came over Sunday to dry fit a shelf for next to the laundry sink in the hobby room.

Maybe I should explain...this room is former attic space near the laundry room upstairs--the prior owners finished it as a model train room, but it's perfect for my stitching and quilting hobbies, with a long central table complete with underneath shelves. I'll put some pictures up once I get it "presentable", don't worry!

At any rate, he is also going to build me a counter cupboard with sliding doors for storing fabric and such, and for that I have had to get rid of all the *stuff* to make room....not that I'll miss 5 boxes of old 90's era tv shows on vcr tapes (why did these even get moved in 1996?). I will have a new project to work on after this, as I also uncovered all the boxes of family photos dating back to my high school days....that will be a chore to sort, but fun too I think. Plus there are a lot of old files to be shredded.....DD gets paid by the bag to shred!

I'm worn out with all the cleaning and the cold, so Sunday and Monday I worked a bit on a quilt, and finished an ornament (from the pile of 35+ that need to be ornamentified!).
Here it is...it's called Seasons Tweetings, an OOP chart from San-Man stitched over one.

In the evening, I started the M Designs Dream Tree to do while watching TV. I should get to finish that up in the evenings with games to watch...Carolina Hurricanes play tonight and Thursday, and Duke b'ball has a game at Ga.Tech Wednesday. Stitching keeps me from getting too nervous watching my teams! (Don't worry Carolyn, Holland is coming out soon...I'll post a "Before" picture soon!)


  1. Very cute ornament, Kathy! Hope your cold gets better soon.

  2. Must we mention basketball (sigh)??? Yes, you know my pain. Hope you get better soon. Darling little ornament, too. BTW - yes I am waiting to see Holland. And I found your Whitman tin box right with the gift wrapping section where I'd left it in the bag I was going to bring. I may have to dump out the chocolate. Even though it's sealed, I promise I can smell the chocolate through it. I don't think that's a good sign, do you? LOL

  3. Hope you're better soon Kathy. Beautiful ornament too.

  4. Thanks for the get well wishes folks...they worked!

    Carolyn, if you can smell chocolate and still resist, that's a good sign for you! The chocolate on the other hand...better dump it...it's probably melted! You coming over my way soon? Stay warm! (sorry about State, but at least Heels have lost too!) Wish the 'Canes could be more consistant...win 4, loose 3. Sigh.
    Caps have nicely lost too so at least we are in reach.