Monday, January 5, 2009

Stitching Plan for 2009

Every year I make a stitching plan, listing all the projects I have as UFO's, WiPs, or Series projects I'd like to work on over the year. I add or subtract as the year goes on, but it gives me an outline of what my goals are. I would like to finish at least one project from each category or series during the year. Here is the 2009 Plan....I will update thru the year.

2009 Stitching

~Memory Quilt (gift) 100% done
Started 5/28/08, Done 1/16/09
~Alla Turca SAL 100% done
Started 5/20/09, Done 8/22/09

~Holland Landscapes, Chatelaine 50% done
Started 5/31/08, Progressing...thru Pt.6, 4/10/09
~Spirit Tote (gift) 10% done
Started 12/9/08 Frogged and retired...too many mistakes!
~Castles in the Air 21% done
Started 4/16/09, Progressing...thru Pt.5 Sept. 2009

~Evening in the Park, Chatelaine--51% done
~Dragon Feathers Afghan, Fanta Cat--75% done
Resumed December 2009-80% with only 4 blocks left!
~Italian Garden, Liz T. Diehl--100% done
Resumed November 2009, Completed 11/25/09

~Companions, TW--20% done
Resumed October 2009, 3 days working...
~New Zealand Map, Heritage Stitchcraft--2% done
~Breaking Dawn, Kustom Krafts--2% done
~Flower Power, Crossed Wing--1% done

Series in Progress
~Elizabeth Designs Cottage series
(3 of 12 done for appliqué quilt before 2009)
--Black Crow Cottage
--Climbing Rose Cottage
--Crabapple Hill Cottage
--Gardner's Cottage
--Old Stone Church
--Pine Tree Cottage
--Seaside Cottage
--Shepherd's Cottage
--Woodland Cottage

~Hearts of America, Victoria Sampler
(16 of 50 states done for a quilt)
--Ohio Heart Started 2/25, Done 2/25

~JCS Ornaments
(3 dozen or so left to stitch from the 2003-08 issues)
Christmas Partridge (2003)
Started 11/5, Done 11/27
Winter Whitetail (2003)
Started 12/13, Done 12/18

~Halloween cat quilt
(5 projects done for crazy quilt thru 2008)
--3 Black Cats
--Fat Bat Cat

~Little House Fruit series
(5 of 9 done for banner, 2006 & 2008)
--Pumpkins Started 11/27, Done 11/29

~Name Tree wall hanging
(4 of 9 done for banner 2009 and before)
--Dream Tree Started 1/12, Done 1/16
--Believe Tree
--Joy Tree
--Peace Tree
--Matt Tree
--Kathy Tree

~Schooler Santas 1989-2009, Prairie Schooler
(17 of 20+ done)
--1991 Santa Started 7/5, Done 7/11
--1990 Santa
--1989 Santa
--2009 Santa Started 10/2, Done 10/5

Separate New Starts
(kitted and ready to be StRIPed)
~Winter Bird Delight, Praiseworthy Stitches
1/1 Start, 1/7 Done!
~Floral Motif (gift), My Aunt's Attic

1/8 Start, 1/11 Done!
~Cherry Blossom Biscornu, Sweetheart Tree
1/17 Start, 1/22 Done!

~Garden Biscornu, Kissy-Cross
2/2 Start, 2/4 Done!
~Blue Bayou, Northern Pine Designs
2/4 Start, 2/10 Done!
~XS Cat, Margaret Sherry
2/21 Start, 2/21 Done!
~Growth Rings, Ink Circles
2/11 Start, 3/25 Done!
~Roberta's Cats Biscornu Fob, Cross Stitch Happy
3/25 Start, 3/27 Done!
~Peacock, Papillon Creations
3/28 Start, 4/1 Done!
~Peacock Heart, Gift of Stitching
4/10 Start, 4/12 Done!
~Pansy Biscornu, Dinky-Dyes
4/12 Start, 4/15 Done!
~Butterfly Tote, My Aunt's Attic (gift)
4/23 Start, 4/29 Done!

~Frog Biscornu, Casey Buonauguiro
5/14 Start, 5/19 Done!
~Assisi Kiwi Tote, CraftsWebNZ
5/21 Start, 6/15 Done!
~Beaded Rose Biscornu, Just Nan
6/1 Start, 6/6 Done!
~Going Bananas, San-Man
6/17 Start, 6/18 Done!
~Kitty Frame, San-Man
6/19 Start, 6/19 Done!
~Summer Butterfly Biscornu, Alexandrina
6/28 Start, 7/3 Done!
~Bluebird Soap Dispenser, Cathy Livingston
7/12 Start, 7/15 Done!
~Cheetah Biscornu, Cross Stitch Happy
8/2 Start, 8/11 Done!
~Floral Biscornu, Alice Okon
9/4 Start, 9/9 Done!
~Boo Club Banner, Lizzie Kate
9/15 Start, 9/27 Done!
~Midnight Magic, Mill Hill
9/28 Start, 10/10 Done!
~Coffee Crossword, Primrose Needleworks
10/12 Start, 10/28 Done!
~Owl Biscornu, Stitch Creations
10/13 Start, 10/31 Done!
~Fabulous Fall Biscornu, Cat's Whiskers
11/2 Start, 11/4 Done!
~Lynne Biscornu, Maria del Valle
11/30 Start, 12/4 Done!
~Yo Ho Ho Ho, Sue Hillis
12/21 Start, 12/22 Done!
~Topiary Wreath, Mary Englebreit
12/30 Start, 12/30 Done!
~Christmas Wreath, Mary Englebreit
12/31 Start, 12/31 Done!

Finishing/Framing (pro framing not included)
--Dragon Feathers

--Cherry Blossom Biscornu Fin. 1/22
--Garden Biscornu Fin.2/4

--Roberta's Cats Biscornu Fob Fin. 3/27
--Pansy Biscornu Fin. 4/15
--Frog Biscornu Fin.5/19
--Beaded Rose Biscornu Fin.6/6
--Summer Butterfly Biscornu Fin.7/3
--Cheetah Biscornu Fin.8/11
--Floral Biscornu Fin.9/9
--Owl Biscornu Fin.10/31
--Fabulous Fall Biscornu Fin.11/4
--Lynne Biscornu Fin.12/4

Ornaments (35+ to do)
--Seasons Tweetings Fin.1/12
--Raccoon's Visit Fin. 2/14
--Not a Creature Was Stirring Fin. 2/25
--Peacock Heart Fin. 4/15
--Winter Whitetail Fin.12/19
--Yo Ho Ho Ho Fin.12/23
--Topiary Wreath Fin.12/30
--Christmas Wreath Fin.12/31

--Cat Lovers Heart Fin.1/14
--Dog Lovers Heart Fin.1/14
--Needlepoint Sampler

Other finishing
--XS Cat Fob Fin. 2/21
--Going Bananas Fin.6/18
--Kitty Frame Fin.6/19
--Bluebird Soap Dispenser Fin.7/15
--Midnight Magic Fin.10/10
--The Peacock
--Peacock Repose
--CMH Christmas Animals Banner
--SMO Flip Calender
--LHN fruit series banner
--Name Tree wall hanging
--Boo Club Halloween Banner
--Alla Turca


  1. As always, I am totally amazed at the amount of stitching you get done & your goals. They are all going to be beautiful. Will you post a pic of Holland close up & the whole part you've stitched so far? Every time I see it, I love it more!

  2. I will put up a pic as soon as I can Carolyn! If you can't wait, go peek in my WiP album on Webshots and you can see my progress there. I need to scroll it to work on the next part, so I'll take a pic of the whole thing then!

  3. Oh my gosh. I'm in awe Kathy. That's a lot of stitching. And I love to see your Holland Landscape appearing on your blog too. I have this one kitted up , but probably order in a different fabric before I start it.